Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Call Strange Enough To Blog

I've had this blog for 2 years, and never really been compelled to write anything before 5 minutes ago, when sitting at my desk, I got strangest call from man speaking with a thick Indian accent.

He began, " I am from CVS pharmacy. We provide medications."
and I paused while thinking "Well, yes, that's true. They do provide medications, but why are they calling me?". I don't take any regular medications and when I do, I use the grocery store pharmacy. So I asked, "Are you sure that you have the right number?".

He repeated "I am from CVS Pharmacy and we offer door delivery of medications. Do you need any hydrocodone, oxycodone, or (a word I couldn't quite make out)? We can deliver these medications to you".  At that point I was stunned, and asked " Wait. Why are you calling an office with this?".

Without missing a beat, he continued "Oh, is this a business? We can provide these medications (repeating the list of Scedule 2 "buying these will land your ass in prison" drugs) to you with free delivery, sir."

I said "I really think you have a wrong number" and hung up. And then? Almost as soon as my finger clicked the "end" button, I was overcome with curiosity. What was this guy's game? Was he a telephone Phisher, trying to land credit card info from a gullible pill addict? Will my next call be from a Nigerian Prince or a purveyor of penile enhancements? My paranoid side wondered if he was employed by of lame and lazy police narcotics task force, reduced to using a offshore call center to work the list of people who buy psuedoephedrine, in the hope of finding someone to arrest (as all the really dangerous dealers buy drugs from strangers over the telephone)? If so, was I in danger of a SWAT raid?

Alas, the caller ID read "Private Name, Private Number". Another day, another riddle unsolved...

Unless he calls back.


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