Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOST, Baseball, and Yankee Stadium's monument park

Not sure that I want to head down the road of crazy LOST-theories,  but after last week's and last night's LOST episodes, I had a mini-epiphany (if one wants to call it that. One might use words like sleep deprived lunacy, or late night ice cream hallucinations). All of candidates' numbers are retired numbers at Yankee stadium, with some interesting parallels.  It works if you regard the former Yankee captains as Island leaders

4 - Lou Gehrig, Captain of the Yankees who died a tragic death, betrayed by his own body.
4 - John Locke, Island Leader of who felt his body betrayed him, and ended up dying

8 - Lawrence"Yogi" Berra: With his goofy, endearing personality, he was heart of the Yankees dynasties, beloved by fans and best known by his nickname.
8 - Hugo "Hurley" Reyes : With his goofy, endearing personality, he is heart of the 815 survivors, beloved by fans and best known by his nickname.

15 - Thurman Munson: Yankees Captain, regarded as a troublemaker before he was drafted, later emerged as the leader of the Yankees from 1974 to 1977.  Killed in a tragic plane crash.
15 - James "Sawyer" Ford:  Arrived on the island as a con man and troublemaker, later emerging as a leader from 1974 to 1977.  This does not bode well for Sawyer's future.

16 - Whitey Ford : the big hole in my theory, as I can't find anything to compare with these two. 
16 - Sayid Jarrah

23 - Don Mattingly :  Captain of the Yankees who never quite reached his ultimate goal, though prodigious at his peak.  Sadly for Don, the Yankees were mediocre while he was there, became champions when he retired, stopped winning titles when he returned as hitting coach, then won again when he went to work for the Dodgers.  Ultimately rejected by his former team in bid to become manager.  (There was also a Mattingley on the list of candidates in the cave)
23 - Jack Shephard :  As leader of the 815 survivors, thing never quite worked out for Jack.  Things on the island improved (at least for those in 1977) when he left, then took a turn for the worse when he came back.  Will he be rejected in his bid to replace Jacob?

Sort of weak but still kind of works...
42 - Jackie Robinson: Legend who nobly endured cruel taunts and bigotry as he broke baseball's color barrier.
42 - Jin Kwon:  Overcame his "low birth" in Korean society and the cruel demands of Mr. Paik to marry Sun.

So what does any of this mean for the candidates?  I'm not sure.  But throw it in with Jack's Red Sox references, Dogen's baseball (with its 108 stitches), and maybe it means that Desmond will be Joe Torre, or that young Walt Lloyd will be the island's Derek Jeter, or that the Monument to manipulative former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert means that the Monster is a metaphor for the stormy George Steinbrenner.


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